Wooden Toys from India’s West Coast – Sawantwadi

Wooden Toys from India’s West Coast – Sawantwadi

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Wooden toys from a small town of the southernmost district Sindhudurga of Maharashtra, are the mark of a legacy of craftsmanship. The Sawantwadi town has been manufacturing wooden toys since centuries. The generations of local artisans have been carrying this legacy till date. But there is an uphill battle of survival for these skilled artists. And that is against the imported, mostly made up of plastic, mere mechanical, complex yet catchy toys.

To the people of Maharashtra, and parts of Goa and Karwar, the town Sawantwadi, is a synonym for the wooden toys and handicrafts. There were some attempts to obtain the Geographical Indication mark, for this recognition.

Industrial revolution has changed the dynamics of everything. How can the world of toys be left behind? And now the digital revolution has taken the playthings to another level. A virtual world altogether.

To reminisce these childhood artifacts of every kid before 90s, and to pass on the sense of existence of such less mechanized, handmade toys of Sawantwadi, here is a list of such toys available on Amazon. We will add to the list as we come across more of those.

Meanwhile, watch this space to find all the wooden products that you can buy on Local Choice.

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