Wooden storage shelf for home

wooden shelf

Wooden storage shelf for home

As we were preparing to welcome our little one at home, we knew it’s not only the baby coming home, but her diapers, her bed sheets, her medicines, and all such duds and belongings. Thanks to this wooden storage shelf from Urbancart, we stopped our hunt for the perfect made in India wooden shelves.

Wooden Storage Shelf from Urbancart (Source: Amazon.in)

Urbancart 5 tier multi functional storage rack is a DIY vertical shelf. You may expect a whole ready made storage rack to be shipped at your door step, but that’s not the case. Interestingly, what your receive is

  • the set of few wooden planks and hand long beams made up of Bamboo,
  • and the tools, which include
    • screws,
    • two knobs for the drawers,
    • and an Allen key.

Assembling the wooden shelf

It took couple of hours for us to assemble this storage rack from the individual planks. Assembling the drawers was the tricky part, though. (At least for me!)

Idea is to erect the two wooden frames first. Then fix the base plank with the screws using the Allen key. Going upwards tier by tier, go on fixing the planks by tightening the screws into the holes provided on the frames you first erected.

The one I assembled

At the end, do the drawers. Not a rocket science, you’ll come to know how is that going to no done once you have it in hand. Adjust the given pieces of backer boards, and the base board with respect to their sizes, and of course by using screws and Allen key.


  • Utility is multi-fold.
    • Use it in your bedroom by the bed.
    • In the kitchen to arrange the handy utensils.
    • You can even place in the bathroom for the lavatory items.
    • Use it as a bookshelf.
  • Compact size. Not too bulky, not too tiny. Your books, baby diapers, tonic bottles, soaps, shampoo bottles can enjoy good space and their own comfort.
  • Wood quality is robust. It can bear pretty much decent amount of weight (unless you place something awful dead-lifting material on it)
  • Attractive. Wood does not look pale and gives rich tone to your room.


  • The carpentry work you will have to do, could prove frustrating at times, if you haven’t done such DIY assembly in decades.
  • While moving it, when it is carrying enough weight, it might test the strength of the screws at the joints, if you haven’t tightened those adequately. Watch out the platform boards, as they start showing a little bend, if things you place on these, weigh bit more than enough.


Though the price looks premium, utility is equally delivered. Considering the quality, the price is justified. Being a DIY product, you also enjoy constructing the shelf on your own, perhaps. I’m in favor of buying this.

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