Top 3 Work from Home Accessories – Made in India

Top 3 Work from Home Accessories – Made in India

We have gone through some of the best made in India products from Amazon, which might help you transform your home into your new workplace.

If you are reading this in July 2020, you are well accustomed to the work from home culture by now. The Covid-19 pandemic has been highly catastrophic to the entire world. There is no market, no sector the virus has not affected to, and that is what has made the major workforce around the globe, to sit back at home, and not relax, and still work. And of course, make money from home!

It took couple of months for the companies that were not into the ‘WFH’ culture, to enable their employees carry on the job from home, safe from the risks outside. On the other hand, those organizations which had this ‘new normal’ habit, already a part of their culture, mitigated the losses better than others.

So if you are switching on your WFH mode on, anytime soon, or you already have a cool workplace set up at your home, this post is definitely for you.

One thing to note here is, we are knowingly skipping the computer and mobile hardware products in this list, as we all know that possibility of getting these products which are completely made in India, is non existent. Not something to be ashamed of, but that’s how it has been. May be in future, we won’t mind including hardware and peripherals part too!

Well, let’s start listing down all the things one would need, to not miss the office environment.

  • A chair.
  • A laptop table or stand.
  • If you’ve an all-in-one system, or a small desktop, then a nice desktop table.
  • A water bottle by your side.
  • A coffee mug.
  • Earphones

A proper chair for your posture

I remember, my 7th class teacher used to make the yawning kids sit with the straight back, take shoulders back and not drop the chin during her entire lecture. Ignorant then, later we understood why was that necessary. A good posture not only helps preventing unwanted spinal bends, but that also helps you keep your concentration levels up, and the mind afresh.

So while choosing the chair, make sure it is not just a random chair, but it does help keeping your posture correct at all the times. Here are some good brands which offer both the comfort and posture support.


Almost every urban household can recognize this brand. Nilkamal is a plastic and furniture products’ manufacturer based in Mumbai. Founded in 1981, Nilkamal is now listed on India’s major stock exchanges.

Nilkamal Scoop Mesh Mid Back Fabric Office Arm Chair  (Black)

Priced around Rs. 7000, this made in India computer chair is comparatively cheaper among its class. It suffices the basic need of comfort. The concave fabric back rest makes sure your lower back gets constant support. It operates with a center tilt mechanism.

Laptop table – made in India

A laptop, scientifically speaking, is not actually something that you should put on your lap and keep working for long hours. The machine’s heat should be avoided from getting transferred into your body.

In that case, a laptop table by your bed, starts sounding like a luxury, but thanks to Portronics, they’ve come up with a modernist laptop tables.


This is a 10 year old Indian gadgets brand, and offers variety of cheap and utilitarian products. This foldable laptop table by Portronics is my favorite one and I am using it since last 2 years, satisfactorily.

Portronics Por-833 Mybuddy L A Light Weight Strong and Foldable Laptop Cooling Table Cum Standing Office Desk

This laptop table is quite a fit for laptops up to 17 inches. It weighs less than 3 kilograms and has a nice wooden texture, an USB powered cooling fan. You can use it as a laptop stand, or enjoy reading your favorite book with a cup of a coffee by its side.

Spike Guard – made in India

Initially when you just started working from home, IT guys from your company or your managers must have warned you to take care of your devices, and keep those safe from voltage fluctuation, over heating etc.

Well, a simple spike guard could easily come to your rescue against fluctuating voltage. Those are cheap, easily available, and thanks to the manufacturers like Vinayak Electricles, we now have a made in India spike guard.

Vinayak Electricles

An ISO 9001 certified small scale company based in Mumbai, Vinayak Electricles are into wires, cables, plugs and switches. Here is a spike guard offered by this Indian manufacturer.

Vinayak Electricals Sleek Power Strip 4 Socket 6 Amp with 2 USB ports1.5 metre Extension Cord (Made in India)

This spike guard or spike buster, available around Rs 600- Rs. 700 price range, has 4 sockets of three pin plugs and 2 USB plugs.

Concluding here for now, and moving on to our hunt for the more such exciting Indian products, Namaste!

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