Returns & Refunds

What is the maximum deadline to initiate a return?

We imply 30 days return policy. Returns can be initiated on or before 30th day after the billing date mentioned on the printed invoice you must have received with the package that contains the products you purchased. You may also find the soft copy of your invoice on the email address you provided while placing the order.

How do I initiate return process?

Kindly email us at, with the subject line containing the order ID. The word “return” and the order ID must be included in the subject line, in order to smoothly initiate your return. Upon receiving your return request, we will schedule a return shipment through our shipping partners.

What happens once return is scheduled?

We will notify you the scheduled date and time of return, on the same email address provided while placing the order.

Can I hand over the returning product from address different than my shipping address?

No. You must hand over the product to our shipping partner at the time of return, from the address mentioned as shipping address while placing the order.

How do I get refund after initiating the return process?

We shall refund the full or partial amount of the product you have initiated the return against, upon inspecting the product’s (or products’) condition after receiving the same at our end. If we find the product returned by you is in the same shape as it was when delivered to you, and is undamaged, and unadulterated, we will begin the refund process.

When do I get the refund?

You will receive the refund amount within 7 days, after we receive the returned product (or products) from you.

Where will the refund amount be credited at?

Refund amount will be credited through the same bank account, credit card, debit card or UPI address details which you had provided to us while placing the order. Refund amount will never be credited in any other account than the one provided by you.