Resistance tube made in India for home workout

Resistance tube made in India for home workout

Couple of months before the deadly Corona virus would hit the entire world, I was hitting the gym happily. The determination I had gathered through out those days, was deflated quickly, thanks to the lock-downs we had to cope up with. Hand sanitizers, masks are in the arsenal to fight against Covid-19 virus, but keeping your immunity intact is also a challenge. This must be the story of 2020 for the fitness conscious folks like you, right?

On the same note, I started to look for something that will help me keep going my home workout. Thanks to this resistance tube by Cougar Sports, I am now better motivated to keep myself away from gaining kilos in this stay-home-stay-safe period.

Cougar Extra Medium Resistance Tube

Be it the basic exercises like squats, push-ups or the advanced regimes like biceps curl, or triceps press-downs, resistance bands or resistance tubes can easily replace the dumbbells and kettle bells. This resistance tube by Cougar Sports is surely a must have for your home workout.

Keep in mind that, the one I’m displaying here, is a heavy resistance tube. Remember, always consult your physical trainer before using any fitness product.

Why did I buy this resistance tube?

Made in..

First and foremost, it is a swadeshi product. Moreover, Cougar Sports exports the fitness tube to 102 countries along with their other products.

The door anchor

Secondly, it comes with a door anchor which I think is a cool feature of this resistance tube. For me it is an USP of this product. The door anchor works like a locking attachment.

If you do not have any stationary metal bars or rods in your home, to loop the tube around and gain a proper stretch, the door anchor is for you. Idea is to attach the door anchor to the tube, and latch it in the chink between the door and the frame. How cool is that? Problem solved.

It fits in the door gap so conveniently, that you can enjoy the resistance activity without adjusting the tube’s position again and again.

No rolls, no tangles

The handiness of this resistance tube is impressive. It never gets tangled (versus the thin resistance bands). Prime fitness tube has the firm solid D-shaped handles attached by default. The handles are adjustable. You can detach the tube out of the handle, too.

Space efficient

Once you are done, simple hang the tubes off any hook in your house. Make sure the hooks are not too fragile.


There are no stark negatives, I personally found in this fitness tube. But I feel the price is couple of hundreds more than the similar products in this segment. Again, the price opinion varies person to person and size by size.

About the brand

Cougar Sports India are one of the top sports accessories exporter in India. Serviced in 50+ countries, based in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, they manufacture variety of fitness tools as well as sports equipment like basketball nets, cricket nets, carom boards, etc. To quote their website, they operate from 2 factories spanning 72000 sq.ft. area.

How to buy?

This resistance tube is available on major online stores.

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Grab your Cougar Sports fitness tube from Amazon or Flipkart.

Already purchased, this made in India product? Have a better alternative to suggest? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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