Playing Cards And Their Names In Sanskrit

Mohin Art Playing Cards

Playing Cards And Their Names In Sanskrit

What if I tell you, that the deck of 52 playing cards, a globally popular leisure activity, has it’s Indian counterpart? Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, you read it right. There are Sanskrit names for each of the 13 unique cards.

Sanskrit and English Names of the playing cards

Here are the names for each of the character and symbol in the 13 cards from the set of hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades.

English or Roman NamesSanskrit Names
Aceएकम् (Ekam)
2 – deucesद्वे (Dhwe)
3 – treysत्रीणि (ThreeNi)
4 – sailboatsचत्वारि (Chathwaari)
5पञ्च (Pancha)
6षट् (ShaT)
7सप्त (Saptha)
8 – snowmenअष्ट (AshTa)
9नव (Nava)
10दश (Dhasha)
Kingनृपः (Nrupah)
Queenराज्ञी (Raadhnyee)
Jackप्रधानः (PraDhaanah)
Jokerविदूषकः (Vidhooshakah)

A short story on Sanskrit Names

A brilliant team of artists from Pune, India had invented a brush painting form called Mohin, in 2019. It is similar to Madhubani and similar contemporary painting styles from India. Seemingly, difficult to bring it on the canvas, the Mohin paintings are relatively easy to work out once you grasp the technique and possess the focus required for it.
So the team decided to bring out a more tangible form out of such an immaculate art. And that was how team Chitrangan Art, introduced their first product – a deck of 55 cards in Mohin Art and Sanskrit nomenclature. According to Mr. Milind Deshpande of Chitrangan Art, the team has consulted with the renowned Sanskrit scholars and derived the names for each of the 13 distinct playing cards.

If you find this brief post on the playing cards and their naming, grab a couple of decks right away!

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