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Congratulations to you first, that you’ve started thinking of buying some made in India products. In other words, you have chosen to be an active part of the growth story of this wonderful nation.
This site is created by someone who is one of the 1.3 billion citizens of India, with a thought, that the produce of this country deserves your attention over anything that is imported, that undermines the talent, efforts and faith of the hard-worker of this country.

Made in India

Fair and straight forward, encouraging people to at least look at what our own, made in India things, have got to offer you.

It is always your choice to buy those products or not, but let those things get noticed, let people know that they’ve got some amazing Indian choices, before making their final shopping decisions.

Product Reviews

Watch out this space for the product reviews we share for the array of products made in India.

The Catalog

The whole point of starting this project is to eventually list down all the prominent local products and promote them. We have prepared a curated and extensive list of local products available in India, on multiple eCommerce platforms. Periodically, more and more deserving products will be listed down on LocalChoice. Stay tuned.


Under Swadeshi First initiative, we showcase the local products exclusively submitted to us. The main objective of this initiative is to promote small scale and medium scale producers in India and their products.