Iyer Wet Mixer Grinder – Knead & Grind With Perfection

Iyer wet grinder

Iyer Wet Mixer Grinder – Knead & Grind With Perfection

The name ‘Iyer Wet Mixer Grinder’ quickly portrays the picture of a typical South Indian restaurant. A partially open kitchen. A guy constantly churning out the Idli or Dosa batter with a great dedication, which would later become a ‘steamy affair’ and rest in your plate.

Iyer Wet Grinder

This wet grinder helped my mom run a business

In early years of a decade before the last one, my mom thought of starting a household business of ready made tiffins (lunch boxes) for the students, paying guests living around or place. Extremely happy with the taste, one day someone asked her if she could provide few hundred Idlis for a get-together. My mom delivered the soft and fluffy Idlis, with due diligence.

Later on she kept on getting more orders, and that’s where she started looking for a household wet grinder that could save her time spent for getting batter from a local shop. That’s when she purchased the Iyer Magic Wet Grinder – a table top wet grinder.

Iyer Wet Mixer Grinder

The brand Iyer was pretty new in the town then. Established in 1990, they operate from Pune, and serve the locality pan Maharashtra and surroundings. A true made in India brand like Iyer scale lengths and breadths, leaves a satisfying impression on us.

Product specifications

Let’s see what this mixer grinder has got to offer.


2 liters


16 Kg.


Making Idli, dosa batter, chutney, gravy, paste, grinding coconut.

  • Iyer wet mixer grinder comes with a heavy duty motor mounted inside a cylindrical casing.
  • The motor makes the grinding vessel rotate around its central shaft.
  • The stainless steel grinding vessel contains a heavy pair of 5-6″ thick stone blades.
  • Heavy duty motor induces the anti-clockwise rotary motion to the blade, and clockwise motion to the grinder, at a constant rate.
  • This enables lentils, grains get finely ground.
  • The central shaft is mounted with a piece of another small blade, which does the coconut grinding job with great finesse.

After Sales Service

Delivery time is 1 item per day, if I quote from their website.

Talking about installation and repairs, when we bought this grinder 12 years ago, the owner himself had visited us for the installation. Personally, since then we hardly dialed Iyer for any major issue, except on one instance where motor was damaged due to severe voltage fluctuation. Even then, our issue was quickly resolved.


Their own website claims the price to be in range of Rs 6000 – rs 10000.

If you explore other options such as Preethi Wet Grinder, or the one from Panasonic you will find the former cheaper than the later. But that could be due to variations in size and motor capacity, and other components.


Iyer’s grinder is actually a deserving option, when it comes to the quality, and their name in the mixer grinder segment. If you are looking out for a decent made in India product in the wide pool of imported electronics that we are already into, Iyer’s this mixer grinder does stand out.

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