Earphones by Evidson – An Indian Brand

Earphones by Evidson – An Indian Brand

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say this is the best possible candidate to be your next Made in India earphones.

On the growing demand from our readers, after doing a quick research, we found that Evidson Audio, is a manufacturer of in-ear earphones. Evidson’s manufacturing units are believed to be set up in Kerala or Tamil Nadu.

Let’s get started with the business. The moment we got know about the made in India earphones are available, we zeroed in on this Evidson B-4 earphone with 3.5mm jack, and purchased from Amazon right away. Due to COVID situation, I made sure that the package was sanitized first before unboxing.

First Impression

The moment I unwrapped the Amazon’s typical packaging, this is what caught my attention right away.

This pic might give you the impression of a bigger box, might be due to the close up capture, but the product’s box fits on your palm.

And when you see that, the “Made in India” printed on one of the sides, it does feel good, you know. We Indians are not used to such branding, are we? At least when it comes to the electronic products.

Here are some more pics of the box.

How do these earphones sound?

Frankly speaking, good. They sound good, and could be bit better. But this doesn’t mean the sound is that awful. The powerful punch you expect to hear from the first thumping beat, is as good as any other similar pair of earphones by best known brands.

But according to Evidson there is a reason for it. Your equalizers. Evidson themselves mention this fact on the leaflet you get inside the box of this product. You will find it clearly written that you should play with your phone’s or device’s equalizer in order to get the tone of your preference.

Earphones Unboxed

This is how it looks. Very impressive build quality.

What to expect inside the box?

  1. Earphones
  1. Extra pairs of earbuds
  2. A leaflet with company information.



Don’t go over what price you see on the box in above image. It is cheaper than that on Amazon and Flipkart. (as last checked on 9th Aug 2020)

Build quality

Cord: As you can see, the earphones have a mesh-pattern cord. It is a cotton insulation, but outer layer is laminated with kind of enamel coating. Both the bushing around the cord join, and the cord itself are fit enough to sustain bends and squeezes. And the most important part, it gets untangled easily!

The ear-tip: The aluminum back casing has nice glossy and sporty finish. These earbuds are marked with the L and R sides.

The silicon earbuds too are of premium quality, and can fit ears with any size.

The 3.5mm jack has a T shape casing, which becomes easy to pull out, and looks trendy.

Mic comes with a push button that is intended for standard functions like answering call, play or pause a video, etc. I’ll soon post here a sample recording done through it.


  • A small issue with the packaging– If you see the box image from the Instagram snip above, you’ll see that the wrapper comes up with a dashed engraved lines. I am not sure if you are supposed to start tearing off the seal from that part, because when I pressed that part with the thumb, thinking it would get cut off, it didn’t. But that’s okay!


Go for it if

  • you want to replace your imported earphones, and switch to the made in India earphones.
  • you also want it cheaper than the other big names in the market.
  • you don’t want a compromise in quality.
  • you want a pair for casual usage.

Don’t go for it if

  • you don’t care if it is made in India or not and you are just a brand lover.
  • you expect studio standard of the sound output.

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How to buy?

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