LocalChoice.in was started in May 2020, with the motto of promoting the made in India products and services. Our journey started with reviewing and publishing the information about various articles, products manufactured by small and medium entrepreneurs across India, under the Swadeshi First initiative. The initiative was a mere Twitter trend with the same hashtag during the mid of 2020, became a digital movement gradually.

This activity gave us the momentum and compelled us to think further about how our Indian consumers and producers would benefit to each other without themselves or their money having to cross the borders.

This very thought would look superficial initially, but someone has to start somewhere, isn’t it? We hoped that this idea will evolve eventually into a better shape, things will start appearing meaningful, and we’ll serve our readers, customers with a sense of pride. Taking a next step on the same note, LocalChoice.in will be launching its own online store in October 2020.

Our online store too, shares the similar line of thought, that is to promote the finest made in India products. And we are committed to it.

The ideas behind

India has a humongous potential to influence the world trade.

We should buy local goods extensively to help our own markets flourish with the new ideas, and the new trends.

Our money remains with us. Simple and straight.

Things may sound going against the trend of globalization, here. But unless your local goods have mass consumer base, how would they go global? The dimensions to this thought are vast and debatable. Leaving those up to the experts, here we are, at your service.

Let’s go vocal for local!