8 Made In India Products for Everyday Use

8 Made In India Products for Everyday Use

We have picked up some authentic made in India products, that do stand out in the brand crowd. Light mala, wooden tray for kitchen, spinning tops and much more. The last one is awesome!

India is known as one vast consumer market, that has a potential to cater almost your every wish. Where the world is leaving no stone unturned to lure every buyer out there, India now enjoys the presence of the top global brands in its market. We have picked up some authentic made in India products, that do stand out in the brand crowd. You may find these products perfectly suitable for your daily needs.

Wooden tray for kitchen

Is your dining table looking untidy? “Hold my salt and pepper dispenser !”, says this wooden tray.

Wooden tray for kitchen by Local Choice
Wooden Tray for Kitchen & Jewellery

Buy this small and minimal wooden tray by your dining table, to organize small stuff like dispensers, spoons, forks, tissue papers, is all you need. This 30 cm long and 14 cm broad wooden tray by Local Choice, is engineered from the pine wood. This wooden tray comes to your rescue at your dressing room woes. For the ladies who just adore their ear rings, bangles, hair pins, necklaces and what not, this wooden tray can be your quick jewellery box.

Wooden tray for jewellery by Local Choice
Wooden jewellery tray

Made in India Light Mala

Mala, what a typical Indian word, isn’t it? And when do you hear it most? Yes, when you are tasked with Diwali decorations or Christmas tree decorations. Since last couple of years, majority of us have found out that our festivals deserve our made in India products. And this is exactly what you should be looking for – made in India light series. 32 feet longs light series has red, green and blue LED bulbs, that illuminate your space with a typical Indian festive season ambiance.

LED Light Series By Local Choice - Decoration Arrangement
LED Light Series By Local Choice

Jute Potli Bags

These jute potli bags are a perfect companion to your beautiful traditional Indian attires. If you are thinking to turn towards the eco-friendly accessories while you are done with those unnatural leather purses and pouches, these authentic jute bags your immediate next option.

jute bag pack of three
Jute Potli Bags by Local Choice

Spinning tops

Pambaram, bhowra, lattoo..! Can’t emphasize more what these words once meant to the pre-smart-phone generations. Ask any 50 plus elder around you, we can guarantee that how loudly they would boast about these spinning tops they used to fidget around with. While you look at your little one snorkeling deep into the smart phone in his/her hand, why don’t you buy them these desi spinning tops with a string?

wooden tops
Wooden Spinning Tops

Paper bags for Gifting

India loves colors, doesn’t she? These handmade (or can we say hand-made-in-India?) paper bags of solid color are a great choice for your gifting purposes.

Color Paper Bags Set
Color Paper Bags Set

Handwritten Modi Lipi Wall Frame for Living Room

Looking for the unique wall frames? Well, how about a wall frame that depicts an ancient Indian script from the region of Maharashtra? This Modi Lipi calligraphy art work by Sujit Kulkarni is worth mounting on the beautiful walls of your living room, bedroom, or even the office.

Modi Lipi Calligraphy Wall Frame

Drinking Straws Made from Wheat Crops

We know you’ve always been a trendsetter, and the premium quality natural wheat straws is the one more reason for you to be the one! We know you’re environmentally conscious, and in association with Social Care, we present you the Social Care Agro Wheat Drinking Straws, made from agricultural wheat crop waste, and of course, made in India. Buy these right away, right here.

Social Care Agro Wheat Drinking Straws
Social Care Agro Wheat Drinking Straws

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